Selecting a Builder


First and foremost, check local references. At our first meeting or upon your request, we will provide you with a list of references for past clients, local suppliers and our banking partners. These should always be provided to you without hesitation by any builder. This list is one of your most valuable tools; it helps determine the stability and reputation of the contractor.

We are proud to have terrific relationships with our clients, both before and after construction and with our trade professionals. We look forward to speaking with them so they can share there experiences with you.

Reputation and Experience

With over a decade of design and building experience we have built a diverse portfolio of homes over the years. By promoting and maintaining a genuine customer service attitude toward our clients and among our craftsman we have built an unparallel reputation.

Business Establishment

It is important to determine how long the builder been in business. Longevity means several things. They have a commitment to their homeowners and the building industry. They are financially viable and their reputation speaks for their quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. Another consideration is their professional affiliations such as being a member of the local Builder’s Association.


Select a custom home builder you feel comfortable with. Someone who can answer your questions and help you make decisions along the way. They should be able to handle the entire process from site preparation, permits, financing referrals, floor plan design, construction, interior finishes and product selection.