Custom Home Design Process

As a designer/builder, Wittco Custom Builders provides single-source accountability throughout the entire design/build process. We understand that designing the home of your dreams requires the proper balance of ideas, imagination, and preparation. We will work closely with you to design a custom home that maximizes the unique characteristics of your lot while providing all of the amenities you desire. We can help you design a home that is beautiful, functional, and affordable.

Our approach is outlined below.

Initial Design Meeting

The initial meeting will be primarily comprised of extracting your needs, wants and ideas for your future home. Below are items that expedite the initial meeting.

  • Site plan with lot legal information, lot sizes, and grading.
  • Architectural guidelines for the area (if any).
  • All extra information (photos, sketches, etc.)

Preliminary Design

We develop preliminary designs based on the discussion and ideas generated at our meeting. These designs are presented in the form of sketches, drawings (plans and elevations) and/or three dimensional drawings

Design Development

It is normal and even desirable to spend time refining the design at this stage. Usually various options are melded together into a final buildable design. Along the way we are continually evaluating the plans to determining the most cost effective way to build

Final Working Drawings

With major changes worked out and the preliminary conceptual design approved, the final design phase can begin. We now 'fine tune' the final design, adding structural notes, dimensions and supporting documentation (window and door schedules, site plans, etc.).

Design Schedule

Time frames for designing a custom home will vary with the scope of each project, the work load and the pace at which the client feels comfortable working. Each client and project is unique, requiring varying levels of input from different sources.