When should I contact Wittco Custom Builders?

As soon as you know that you are going to build a custom home, preferably right around the time you purchase your land. We consider the size, orientation, location, and topography needs of your home. All of these elements work to support our strong design sense. Our relationship with some of the area’s best architects/designers allows us to bridge the gap between you and the architect. By coming to us early in the process, you will save time and money by designing a home that falls within acreage and budget constraints.

How do I know how much house I can afford?

Prices vary on many factors. That said, we have developed the following guidelines to help you calculate a ballpark figure. Apply these guidelines during the planning stage; set final budget considerations aside until you have detailed specifications.

  1. Given moderate tastes, use $80 per square foot of under roof space. (Under roof space includes all living, covered porches and garages). This per foot price will usually cover the cost a quality move-up home excluding the cost of the land, site development, well and septic systems. Divide your budget by $80, this will yield the maximum under roof home you can afford. You will want to leave a little room for upgrades and extras. Slope on the property also adds to the cost. If your property lacks a flat area sufficient to place the home, count on some additional cost.
  2. Use a factor of $90 per foot if you want wood floors, extensive crown moldings/trim, granite countertops or additional upgrades.
  3. Use $100 per foot or more, depending on the number of one-of-a-kind features you want in your home.

How do your prices compare to other builders?

We offer very competitive prices, especially when compared to other builders in our class. We keep all of your money in your home, not in expensive marketing materials. As a family-owned business, we strive keep our costs down and quality up to earn your trust and loyalty. That said, you can find cheaper builders but in terms of quality, we offer the best prices in town.

Is there a home too small for Wittco Custom Builders or a project too small?

No, as long as we have an opening in our workload, we will consider any and every job a privilege. We do, however, have an evaluation process to determine whether we're the right builder for your project. At our initial meeting, we will discuss the project and your requirements.

What is a custom home?

Many people think a custom home has to be expensive, this is not the case. Any kind of home can be custom built, from a mansion full of expensive features to an economical cottage. What they have in common is that the features are specified by the homeowners, rather than by the builder.

How long will it take for my home to be built?

The length of construction depends on a number of factors: the size of the home, complexity, finishes, weather (particularly during hurricane season), availability of materials, and many other factors. That said, the design process can take 1-3 months and construction from 6-10 months. Water front homes and larger homes can take longer.

How does financing work?

The majority of our homes are financed with construction perm loans, commonly available from most banks. The builder is paid in progress installments beginning when the foundation is complete. The loan converts to permanent mortgage financing when the home is complete.

Do you use the same subs on every job?

Yes, generally we use the same group of craftsmen on every home. They all share our high standards and provide the level of quality and service our customers expect.

Where do you build?

Wittco Custom Builders specializes in homes on your lot in virtually all areas of Northeast Florida including, Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County. Whether you are looking for a small cottage or a waterfront estate, Wittco Custom Builders has the flexibility, insight and expertise to build your dream home.